Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Enjoy your baby."

"Make sure you're enjoying your baby." That's what Paloma's therapist always tell me. I just laugh....even if i tried i couldn't begin to tell them how much we enjoy our baby. I mean look at that face. Could you help but only just enjoy her:)

Paloma is doing really really well, but that is just because Paloma is doing really really well. I know that her ND schedule must look overwhelming to her OT, PT and ST, but really it's not. Especially this week when mommy and baby were both sick and we spent so much time just...well enjoying our baby.

See even the daddy with hat head enjoys the baby:)

And as far as therapy goes, let me tell you Miss Paloma has it all under control.

So needless to say sometimes just nursing and dancing and loven on the lovens is all that gets done in this house. Just ask my laundry, or better, my dear friend who came over to help me with said laundry.

and i have decided that that's just fine.

And how about you, Paloma's elusive buddies, will you be waiting at the end of the crawling track tomorrow......

..still playing hard to get.


  1. I love all the pictures... especially the next to last one with Ava holding Paloma. What a wonderful big sister she is!!! :)

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