Monday, August 15, 2011

My favorite things

When i was first dealing with Paloma's Diagnosis i think, well i know, that the hardest thing for me to accept and deal with was the look of Down Syndrome. I remember asking my mom how i was going to go out in public with her, how was i going to be able to handle it? Of course the irony of all of that was the fact that Paloma was the prettiest baby i had ever seen. She had these beautiful almond eyes like her daddy, a little bowe mouth like her daddy and a full head of gorgeous black hair, just like the Paloma of my dreams. Did i mention her nose? Well it's perfect....small and adorable and coming from Hugo and i where there is no shortage of noses, this always makes me laugh.

I honestly had never seen a baby with Down Syndrome, but i can tell you they are beautiful. And the way she felt ...Oh it's nothing less than bliss. It was almost as if Paloma knew how i was struggling and every time i held her, she would just melt into me. Love me, Love me.....

Now some of the things i love most about her are directly related to her extra chromosome. Sometimes at night when we are nursing i run my finger across the crease in her hand. The crease that is only on her right palm. I favor that palm, i adore that crease.

And those sweet toes that i can not keep out of my mouth.....The extra space between the big toe and the next perfect for chewing on.

And then there is that tongue.

That tongue......while we spend everyday strengthening her mouth and jaw, so that later in life things will close perfectly, she knows that tongue makes mommy laugh. For Paloma her tongue is just another device that she can use to explore her world. She licks blankets, bath water, crawling track and big sissy at every opportunity.

There we go..

I am suspecting Harley has been teaching her these habits.

And public? No problem. I quickly found that miss Paloma is a people magnet. People will stop me to tell me how beautiful my baby is. Be it at the grocery store or the mall. People are drawn to Paloma. And i love to show her off. I love it. I am proud of my girl. She is one of my favorite things:)

And what about this girl? Am i the only one seeing a cross pattern starting to form?

Hello little tongue:)

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