Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Sisterhood

I am on a lot of boards, pages, forums, list serves and groups for Down syndrome. I get notifications daily ranging from the happy posts of a new milestone reached, to a new supplement or study being done to help our kids. I don't read every one...I don't have to...but more often than not if I need advice or a copy of the latest study I can have it at my finger tips in moments. All I need to do is send my request into the universe...and somewhere sitting at her computer is a mama who has my answer...Or if i'm hurting or just having a bad day...I can send out the simple text.."I'm struggling.," and in moments I hear back..."What's wrong?" or "Me too." This has been the case for two years and two months...and it had never occurred to me what exactly this whole thing is that I am a part of, until  another wonderful mother typed these words to me.."We are in this together, this sisterhood!"

And it is a sisterhood...the mothers that have gone before me wearing their "boots," the moms that fill their days researching, fighting, working, pleading, loving..the moms that run the boards for new moms...been there done that moms...the moms that write the books and the blogs...the friends who love our children as their own family...the moms that have lost little ones to health issues but are still buddy walking and raising money year after year, because they know that this is a sisterhood and that we need them.....that my girl needs them.

And the beauty of it that there is enough love and support to go on forever...those once new moms soon find themselves two years into their own journey, sending messages of support to another new mom...... who has no idea what is in store for her, or how she will ever live through all of the hurt....or "Why her?"..... And to be very honest... this is not a sisterhood that I would have ever chosen to join...but this is a sisterhood of mama warriors and world changers...this is a sisterhood of strength and love...and I am prouder than proud to be amongst these women...

...this sisterhood.