Thursday, September 22, 2011

I swear on our sisterhood

Friday night, about 1:30 am.......we were invaded.

My sister and her family came in for a much needed visit and for three whole days we lived in the blissful chaos that is four girls, two babies and us. We had some much needed sister time to catch up on and "the cousins" spent their days playing dress up and telling secrets.

All was right in the world and it went by all too quickly.

We had pancake breakfasts .......

and tummy time.

We even let Timmy try out the crawling track.

And Mandy...well she spent a lot of time just loving on my littlest girl.

I love how she loves my girl...both of my girls.

Words aren't enough to express this love. Sister love is a big love. Sister love is so sacred that it qualifies to be sworn upon. "I swear on our sisterhood." Yes even at 31 and 26 this phrase is not used lightly.

So when she told me she was coming i made her swear on our sisterhood.....just to make sure:)

And she came through......

The weather however did not.
So our one night on the beach was spent in front of youtube learning how to shuffle. The shuffle i might add that i already knew how to do (kinda, Ok not really) because i was around the first time that the Running Man was cool.

"Everyday I'm Shuffling."

Did i mention the make overs that occurred nightly?

So what if the end result was a princess with a beard:)

So there you have it. Three amazing days of just being together.

....and  i swear on our sisterhood i couldn't have been given a more perfect sister

                                             ......i love you.


  1. I love your blogs...I think I read them to absorb the love. You guys are awesome!

  2. You, your sister and your girls are all soooo gorgeous!