Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Lady,

Every child is a gift... Every child is a promise....Every child has the ability to make us more aware, more grateful, more mindful....not just my child.
Every parent is given a wonderful blessing, a new life, a challenge, uncertainties.....not just me.

We are all individuals, valuable, eager to love and be loved, curious, scared...searching. We are all a part of the same family. Not just your sister and my daughter.....

Paloma waves just like Paloma waves, and she smiles like only Paloma can...she loves people because she has out grown her fear of strangers...and she and her sister and her daddy are the three most special gifts i could have ever been given. One child no more a blessing than the other...both my babies...equal....loved.
I thought about our conversation for days.....I decided in the end, it all came down to love, and a difference in, let me do what i should have done when i had the chance...."No, she is not Down's. She is mine. And her name is Paloma Sophia Jane." 


  1. I love this post! She has been a gift to all of us Thank you, Paloma Sophia Jane.

  2. Simply and Meaningfull , I love you Paloma Sophia jane