Sunday, December 2, 2012

Catching Up

Where have we been?

Homeschooling, cleaning, running from place to place, finding patience when i have no more, taking in moments with my beautiful children when i really want to take a bath and lock the door.... learning how to manage a home with a husband that travels, arranging therapy to fit the "big picture" not to feed the "am i doing enough monster"....... loving life, dealing with anxiety, being mindful of the awesomeness that is Paloma eating a pea, watching Ava blossom into a beautiful big girl, watching Paloma master, slowly, the art of walking, singing, dancing, being stressed beyond my one wild and precious life.......and loving every minute.

We carved a messy house..

 Paloma found a taste for pumpkin guts ........

Ava and i spread peace and love to "trick or treaters" everywhere.

We went to the park..

We started a business....(more to come on that)

We ate turkey and and added an elf to our shelf:)  Paloma made it into her first publication, page 40, and started going to school like a big girl........and i..... have vowed..... to be, a better blogger.... And never to use correct punctuation:)


  1. Strong and beautiful girls from a strong and beautiful Mama. Reading what you wrote could have been pulled right out of my brain, and although the anxiety, the "am I doing enough" monster, and selfish desire for 10 uninterrupted moments feel overwhelming at times, they cower under the weight of the accomplishments and happiness. Not to mention the blessing we have to be there for every beautiful, exasperating, crazy minute of it all. You are an inspiration!

    1. Coming from you Geralyn, that means so much. You are one of a few woman that keep me going everyday. Thinking of the bright and exciting presents and futures for our children makes it all worth it. Trying to enjoy each moment and yet prepare for the future is a constant struggle for me:)