Sunday, August 12, 2012

Full speed ahead

We have had a lot of rainy afternoons here in Savannah as of late. The day will start of perfectly hot and sticky and seemingly uneventful........then sometime around five o'clock the clouds will start rolling in and the thunder will sound it's alarm. Ava and i have been loving the storms. And the girls have found some very creative ways to pass the time.....

Sometimes Paloma puts up with it.........and sometimes not so much....

because our sweet baby Paloma, isn't so much of a baby these days.

"Don't you know?" as Daddy says, "She's not a toy?"

She's not a toy and she's not a baby anymore. She is doing all sorts of big girl things. She is into everything and loving her new found Independence. She goes around the house finding messes to make and pets to torment. She is growing up, full speed ahead, and it is so bitter sweet.

Yes she stands now...she worked on this skill until she mastered it...

Taking steps is the latest skill on her list.

And seeing as she is already doing it, it will only be a matter of time until we have a walker....

And this finger....this perfect pointer, that she points with and uses so perfectly.....gets me every time.

Sweet are amazing....and as Aunt Mimi says, "So cute i just want to freak out!"

I love you Lady P:)

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