Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home, Answers and a Square Dance!

Some people say that you can't run away from your problems. I wasn't sure that i believed this to always be true. after much thought,( not really) and some coaxing from my husband (not much)..... i ran away.

I canceled therapy, sleep studies, and ENT appointments. I declared it national stay away from my baby month. My girls and i were going to stay with my sister and get back to our roots. Ava was going to be allowed to run barefoot and spend entire days in the pool while Mandy and i watched over sun bathing babies and ate bon bons......the food and past time of choice for stay at home moms.

And this is exactly how the first two weeks played out. I declared almost daily that i was never going back to Georgia, and a Saturday night Square dance sealed the deal.

Something magical was in the air that night. The sound of Blue Grass floating through the air, mixing with the smell of  Kettle Corn and homemade ice cream. Watching the pack of cousins float from vendor to vendor as the little ones where used as pawns to ask for hand outs...I mean samples....

And i bet you'll never guess who was the Bell of the ball.....

We danced.....

And we danced some more....

Some of us even drank ice water out of Yoo-Hoo jars..

And the best part was, this wasn't some special was just Saturday night.....
it was just...perfect.
And all the Nannies, me maws, pa paws and cousins were there, with plenty of kisses to go around.

Wouldn't you want a kiss from this face?

But like all magical Square dances, this one had to come to an end. And with it the reality, that you really can not run away from true problems.

Therapy appointments, and Doctor visits are not true problems. The fact that four and a half months since you were told that your baby had food allergies your baby can still only tolerate liquids That is a true problem....

So i put my "boots" on and went to yet another Dr. and pleaded with them that i believed that my baby had a common birth defect found in Down Syndrome, a duodenal stenosis. I am quite sure that sitting there with my chubby one year old, i sounded crazy, but i knew my baby. I knew what we had been through. And not another day of reflux, worry or what ifs was going to go by.

One week later we where on our way to be scoped. And because i was used to pleading with G.I. doctors to listen to me i begged. "Please look for a stenosis, i think she has a blockage." And he said,
........"I will.".......May not sound like much, but to this mama it was music to my ears.

Thirty minutes later, they had answers....A duodenal stenosis so severe that it my even be an atresia,
a mama in tears, and a doctor in a bear hug.

Surgery to be scheduled the next day..........the world was beautiful again. My girl would eat.

And mama had some pumping to do. Because we were robbed and i was going to reclaim what was taken from us.

So here we are, in beautiful east Tennessee on Mother's Day, going on day five in the hospital.....probably at least five to go.

And we did it........words can not express the road to this place, or the joys at the end.

Sweet Paloma, my baby dove, they don't know how you made it this far. How you have thrived and grown, with no more than a pin hole to receive your nutrition. But we know don't we.



  1. It looks like you had a great time! So happy you followed your mommy instinct. Praying that she has an uneventful surgery and recovery!

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  3. Awwww....your words are magic to my ears....I have tears of joy for you both and super proud of you....I can't say that enough! Yes... Paloma was chosen for the perfect mommy soldier who also happens to be my mentor & remodel. I admire you so, sweet beautiful April and so proud to call you my friend & kindred spirit. Your heart truly makes it's mark on this world and because of that, it makes it a better place.

  4. Love this post, April. I feel like I was there with you, your description was so vivid. I'm so glad that you finally got some answers about Sweet Paloma!

  5. I'm so glad the Boots fit and you succeeded. Nava and I are cheering your fighter over here on the other side of the world. Congrats Mama!

  6. I am so happy that you found some answers!