Sunday, February 12, 2012

Old friends and new beginnings

Ok Paloma, when I said, "May the new year be as lived as December," I did not mean the hospital part. I did not want to see this guy ever again..........sorry Mr. Turtle.

But here we are. And between the two hospitals, (Hello Joy!) We have been in since Wendsday. Double Pnemonia and RSV. But i don't want to write about it..........We are fighting it, and we are winning.

That was a post started in the hospital in early January..... After a week in the hospital we kicked RSV's butt big time. It was messy, it was scary, but you know what? We knew what "IT" was and we knew the protocol. And just to really stick it to RSV my girl came home clapping. Nine months old to the day and clapping like a pro.

Over the past month life has been good. Paloma is developing at lightning speed and i took Ava out of preschool so that i could be with her more. Paloma has made me become the mom that i always thought that i was...if that makes sense? And she has given me the confidence to make decisions for my family that are in our best interest, like home that is exactly what we will be doing. I am a greedy selfish mommy and i want all the juicy Ava time and baby love i can get my hands on. I want to be there when Ava's light bulbs go off, i want to embark on the same journey that my mom took with me, i be with Ava.

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