Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Other Shoe?

Sitting here at five in the morning, with a cup of coffee that one of the nurses helped me make,I can't help but hear the sound of the other shoe dropping. Deep inside I believe that Paloma will be fine.....I mean she has to be fine right?

That damn shoe.....
Always hanging out somewhere in the dark just waiting to fall with a thud. Even on the best days, or maybe especially on the best days, I know it's there hanging.....somewhere in mid air.

I have always said," I do not need any reminders on how lucky we are to have Paloma and for her to be healthy, this is not a lesson I need to learn." I have made sure from day one to say this out loud and to thank God for my precious gift of a healthy baby. Each good day that passed was a day aknowledged, a day to be grateful for....

Even tonight, over the past 48 hours, I have been grateful......
But oh how it hurts to watch her hurting. How it hurts to see Paloma, my light, unable to crack a smile.....Sweet baby, how we love you.


  1. Praying that Paloma will be better soon! Praying for strength for mom too!

  2. April I hope everything is o.k.! Everyone @ UP is thinking about you guys! xo LAura

  3. Sending up prayers and claiming healing for Paloma over here too!

  4. I just wanted to stop by & let you know that we are thinking of you & Paloma. I tried a couple of times after I read this this morning, but for some reason my computer wouldn't let me comment. Hopefully this will work on my iPhone.